Friends of Rowan Creek Facts

The Rowan Creek watershed drains portions of five Columbia County townships (Arlington, Dekorra, Lowville, Lodi and Leeds), with the village of Poynette lying squarely in the middle. Rowan Creek originates just upstream of Loveland Road (east of Highway 51).

crane at Rowan Creek

Sandhill Crane at Rowan Creek. Photo by John Wachholz.

Rowan Creek drains a 60 square mile area as it flows through a valley bordered by steep hillsides to Lake Wisconsin, where it joins the Wisconsin River and the Mississippi River System. The upper four miles of the Creek is designated Class 1 and the lower eight miles Class 2.

While the dominant species is brown trout, stream surveys report many other native fish such as brook trout, northern pike, walleye, largemouth and rock bass, as well as numerous minnow species such as mottled sculpin, brook stickleback, western mudminnow, blacknose dace, creek chub an northern common shiner.

The valley surrounding Rowan Creek still contains areas of intact native vegetation such as bluff prairies, oak woodlands and savanna, and extensive sedge meadows.